Bibio Covers Boards of Canada

One of the better new artists I’ve discovered this year is British producer Stephen Wilkinson, known under his recording moniker as Bibio. Bibio’s Warp debut release Ambivalence Avenue is one of my favorite records of the year so far combining elements of folk, electronica, hip-hop, funk, and ambient music in a genre defying fashion that keeps me interested and wanting more.

Bibio has expressed his love and appreciation for fellow Warp label mate Boards of Canada on multiple occasions such as on Pitchfork’s Guestlist of Bibio where he stated Boards of Canada as being the “Artist I’d most like to collaborate with” and the BoC song “Bocuma” as his “Favorite Song Ever”. In a task that he surely enjoyed, Bibio has taken to covering Boards of Canada’s short song “Kaini Industries” (surprisingly, the track directly before “Bocuma” on 1998’s Music Has the Right to Children) as part of Warp’s 20th anniversary compilation Warp20 (Recreated) where current Warp artists take to “recreating” favorite songs from Warp’s catalogue.

Bibio does an excellent job stretching the former 59 second song to just under 4 minutes while maintaining the sonic theme of the original (full with a found sound outro and all) and making the recreation enjoyable to listen to on its own merit. Check out Bibio’s rendition of “Kaini Industries” (there’s a link to a free download of the song as well), followed by the original Boards of Canada version below.

Download Bibio’s cover of “Kaini Industries”

Boards of Canada – Kaini Industries

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