The Slew – Live at The Independent SF (9/25/09)

The Slew is the creation of Kid Koala (Montreal’s Eric San) and Dynomite D (Dylan J. Frombach) who were approached some years back to create a soundtrack for a documentary feature film that ultimately would never see the light of day. After spending about four years on the psych-rock influenced score, the resulting album (The Slew – 100%) was done and ready to be released despite its lack of visual accompaniment.

Wanting nothing more than to have his creation be heard and appreciated, Kid Koala has made the album free to download off of his website ( and also decided to accompany the release with a short tour enlisting the help of New York DJ P-Love and the Ex-Wolfmother Rhythm section consisting of Chris Ross on bass/keyboards and Myles Heskett on drums.


Stop three of the “Kid Koala presents The Slew” nine-city tour found itself at San Francisco’s the Independent on Friday, September 25th. The night began with New York based entertainer Adira Amran’s odd sex-tinged soiree of a show full with props, backup dancers, costume changes, and a healthy dose of gratuitous lyrics, cover songs, and unadulterated ass shaking. After Adira’s exit to what seemed like an overwhelmingly positive response (that was soon realized to be mainly the result of a background applause/cheering track), it was time for The Slew to take the stage.

The Slew Live

Working with a combined six turntables, Kid Koala and DJ P-Love kept the guitar/vocal samples and scratching at a constant while the Ex-Wolfmother’s supplied heavy bass licks, rocking (like a chair) organ-sounding keyboard riffs, and a running drum beat that brought that extra “oomph” that drum samples often just can’t match. Despite the show being billed as Kid Koala/The Slew, the 70-minute set was absent of any old Kid Koala material and covered songs exclusively from his new production The Slew – 100%. Nonetheless, the performance was enjoyable as the songs were all reproduced with a surprising accuracy that allowed room for the live instruments to breath, the turntables to flow without sounding mechanical, and each performer to take their turn at being in the feature spotlight. The night closed with a surprise visit on stage by Mike Patton who was invited up by Kid Koala to apply vocals to The Slew album finisher “Battle of Heaven and Hell” (as seen by my poor attempt at video work below).

The Slew – Battle of Heaven & Hell (Live ft. Mike Patton)

Ironically, in a past lollapalooza interview, Mike Patton proclaimed “Wolfmother you suck!” after hearing their song “Woman” play in the background (as seen in the video below). With Chris and Myles done with their time in Wolfmother due to “irreconcilable differences”, it was no surprise that Patton and the Ex-Wolves were able to jam and share the stage together while seemingly having a great time as well. And who knows, maybe they even shared a laugh or two of their own at the expense of former Wolfmother frontman Andrew Stockdale.

Mike Patton’s Lollapalozza Interview on Wolfmother

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