Bon Iver @ The Fox Theater (9/24/09)

A great show. Bon Iver impressed as Justin Vernon and friends took their small collection of stripped down songs and reinvented them in their ever evolving live band setup at Oakland’s stunning recently refurbished Fox Theater (or, as Justin stated on multiple occasions, “this beautiful room”).

Careening through all the favorites whilst allowing space for noise jamming interludes, guitar solos, multi-layered vocal harmonies, impactful dual-drumming, instrument shifting, and of course, their patented crowd singing interaction left some crying, some smiling, and some simply in awe.

I found a few somewhat decent video clips that highlighted their performance from last night. More specifically, a solo acoustic Re:Stacks, the tail-end of the Creature Fear tinted jam session that segues into the set closer which brought back out openers Megafaun for a song together, and a fan-favorite Skinny Love.

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