Experimental Film w/Flashflooder Music

Recently, a friend of mine (IQrow/Matthew Harris) made a mysteriously eerie experimental short film called “Ghosts” using one of my songs in the background (“Distorted Memories” off the album Transitions).

Matt describes the general theme as such, “It’s about two people who died in some global disaster and they’ve been haunting this building ever since. But now one of them feels they need to move on and reach out, start a new beginning.”

BLAKROC = The Black Keys + Hip-Hop Superstars

BLAKROC is the new blues rock meets hip-hop project spearheaded by Damon Dash fusing The Black Keys with a varying assembly of big names in hip-hop such as Mos Def, Rza, ODB, Raekwon, Q-Tip, Ludacris, Pharoahe Monch, and a few others. The 11-track album was recorded in 11 days with 11 guests and comes out on 11/27/09 (I guess 11/11 wasn’t a viable release date?).

In a lead up to the album, the official BLAKROC website is hosting a weekly series of webisodes chronicling the behind-the-scenes creative forces that came together to result in what is now to be known as the self titled, BLAKROC.

The week 1 webisode was more of an intro video showing Damon Dash’s excitement and aspirations for the BLAKROC project; however, week 2 finds Mos Def into the studio laying down a few vocal tracks and vibing along with The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach (see video below). Stay tuned to BLAKROC’s website for future webisodes in the coming weeks.

Based on all the big names involved and the underrated abilities of The Black Keys, this should be a pretty solid release but only time will truly tell. For now, check out the first released song, “Hoochi Coo” ft. Jim Jones and Mos Def (with the vocal chorus Mos is shown recording in the week 2 webisode) as a free download below (courtesy of donewaiting.com) as well as the week 2 BLAKROC webisode below.

BLAKROC – Hoochie Coo ft. Jim Jones & Mos Def

Bibio Covers Boards of Canada

One of the better new artists I’ve discovered this year is British producer Stephen Wilkinson, known under his recording moniker as Bibio. Bibio’s Warp debut release Ambivalence Avenue is one of my favorite records of the year so far combining elements of folk, electronica, hip-hop, funk, and ambient music in a genre defying fashion that keeps me interested and wanting more.

Bibio has expressed his love and appreciation for fellow Warp label mate Boards of Canada on multiple occasions such as on Pitchfork’s Guestlist of Bibio where he stated Boards of Canada as being the “Artist I’d most like to collaborate with” and the BoC song “Bocuma” as his “Favorite Song Ever”. In a task that he surely enjoyed, Bibio has taken to covering Boards of Canada’s short song “Kaini Industries” (surprisingly, the track directly before “Bocuma” on 1998’s Music Has the Right to Children) as part of Warp’s 20th anniversary compilation Warp20 (Recreated) where current Warp artists take to “recreating” favorite songs from Warp’s catalogue.

Bibio does an excellent job stretching the former 59 second song to just under 4 minutes while maintaining the sonic theme of the original (full with a found sound outro and all) and making the recreation enjoyable to listen to on its own merit. Check out Bibio’s rendition of “Kaini Industries” (there’s a link to a free download of the song as well), followed by the original Boards of Canada version below.

Download Bibio’s cover of “Kaini Industries”

Boards of Canada – Kaini Industries

Thom Yorke forms Live Band w/Flea from RHCP!

Wow, surprising news today involving two of the biggest bands in popular music.

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke has put together a quasi super group (as shown in the picture above) to play his solo songs live (i.e., The Eraser and newer stuff) enlisting the help of Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ Flea on bass, producer Nigel Godrich (who most recently has produced albums for Radiohead, Beck, and Air), R.E.M./Beck drummer Joey Waronker, percussionist/multi-instrumentalist Mauro Refosco, and of course, himself.

As of yet, only two shows have been confirmed and both are in Los Angeles at the Orpheum Theater on Sunday Oct. 4th and Monday Oct. 5th. Tickets will cost you a pretty penny ($47 pre-ticketmaster fees) but this is sure to be a unique show with a lot of talent. Although, as Thom stated in his Dead Air Space announcement post (there are links to the ticketmaster listings for these shows on his post as well), “the set will not be very long cuz ..well …we haven’t got that much material yet!”

Note: After checking ticketmaster, it appears that both shows have already sold out (and it hasn’t even been 90 minutes since they became available). Time to either make nice with your hip friend who is extremely on top of his/her shit or get your scalping/craigslisting on. I guess $47 wasn’t that expensive after all.

Devendra Banhart Remixes Phoenix’s “Rome”

There are many words and adjectives that can be used to describe the unique and eccentric Devendra Banhart; however, remixer is one that does not often (or ever, that I know of) come to mind. In a surprising move, Devendra turned on his inner DJ and remixed “Rome” from Phoenix’s 2009 materpiece Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix saying,

“We LOVE and have LOVED Phoenix since Alphabetical, and have wanted to do more than just ogle at their awesomeness for quite some time. With the release of their luminary Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix we got the chance to un-floccinaucinihilipilificate our dreams and with awesome, oceanic glee, we took Rome for a ride…”

Having heard Banhart cover a number of songs in the past, I had thought that this would be a classic Devendra rendition; but don’t be fooled, it is very much a remix and not a cover song. So without further ado, here is a link to download the “Neighbors with Devendra Banhart” remix of Phoenix’s Rome (courtesy of p’fork, courtesy of g vs. b).

Phoenix – Rome (Neighbors with Devendra Banhart Remix)

On another note, Devendra has a new song “Baby” from his upcoming album What Will We Be (out October 27 on Warner Bros) streaming off his myspace page and Phoenix are still relentlessly touring up the world until December at this point (don’t miss them if they come to your city!).

The Slew – Live at The Independent SF (9/25/09)

The Slew is the creation of Kid Koala (Montreal’s Eric San) and Dynomite D (Dylan J. Frombach) who were approached some years back to create a soundtrack for a documentary feature film that ultimately would never see the light of day. After spending about four years on the psych-rock influenced score, the resulting album (The Slew – 100%) was done and ready to be released despite its lack of visual accompaniment.

Wanting nothing more than to have his creation be heard and appreciated, Kid Koala has made the album free to download off of his website (http://nufonia.com/ice-cream-news/theslew/) and also decided to accompany the release with a short tour enlisting the help of New York DJ P-Love and the Ex-Wolfmother Rhythm section consisting of Chris Ross on bass/keyboards and Myles Heskett on drums.


Stop three of the “Kid Koala presents The Slew” nine-city tour found itself at San Francisco’s the Independent on Friday, September 25th. The night began with New York based entertainer Adira Amran’s odd sex-tinged soiree of a show full with props, backup dancers, costume changes, and a healthy dose of gratuitous lyrics, cover songs, and unadulterated ass shaking. After Adira’s exit to what seemed like an overwhelmingly positive response (that was soon realized to be mainly the result of a background applause/cheering track), it was time for The Slew to take the stage.

The Slew Live

Working with a combined six turntables, Kid Koala and DJ P-Love kept the guitar/vocal samples and scratching at a constant while the Ex-Wolfmother’s supplied heavy bass licks, rocking (like a chair) organ-sounding keyboard riffs, and a running drum beat that brought that extra “oomph” that drum samples often just can’t match. Despite the show being billed as Kid Koala/The Slew, the 70-minute set was absent of any old Kid Koala material and covered songs exclusively from his new production The Slew – 100%. Nonetheless, the performance was enjoyable as the songs were all reproduced with a surprising accuracy that allowed room for the live instruments to breath, the turntables to flow without sounding mechanical, and each performer to take their turn at being in the feature spotlight. The night closed with a surprise visit on stage by Mike Patton who was invited up by Kid Koala to apply vocals to The Slew album finisher “Battle of Heaven and Hell” (as seen by my poor attempt at video work below).

The Slew – Battle of Heaven & Hell (Live ft. Mike Patton)

Ironically, in a past lollapalooza interview, Mike Patton proclaimed “Wolfmother you suck!” after hearing their song “Woman” play in the background (as seen in the video below). With Chris and Myles done with their time in Wolfmother due to “irreconcilable differences”, it was no surprise that Patton and the Ex-Wolves were able to jam and share the stage together while seemingly having a great time as well. And who knows, maybe they even shared a laugh or two of their own at the expense of former Wolfmother frontman Andrew Stockdale.

Mike Patton’s Lollapalozza Interview on Wolfmother

Bon Iver @ The Fox Theater (9/24/09)

A great show. Bon Iver impressed as Justin Vernon and friends took their small collection of stripped down songs and reinvented them in their ever evolving live band setup at Oakland’s stunning recently refurbished Fox Theater (or, as Justin stated on multiple occasions, “this beautiful room”).

Careening through all the favorites whilst allowing space for noise jamming interludes, guitar solos, multi-layered vocal harmonies, impactful dual-drumming, instrument shifting, and of course, their patented crowd singing interaction left some crying, some smiling, and some simply in awe.

I found a few somewhat decent video clips that highlighted their performance from last night. More specifically, a solo acoustic Re:Stacks, the tail-end of the Creature Fear tinted jam session that segues into the set closer which brought back out openers Megafaun for a song together, and a fan-favorite Skinny Love.